Born in Gary, Indiana, in the summer of 1978, Jonta N. Davis currently lives in Massachusetts where she is an aunt, a daughter, a sister, the black sheep, but an all around good person to know. Jonta began writing at an early age in order to declare her own voice in a noisy world. Read More


Mimi Gonzalez has been rocking the mic at Prides and protests to cruises and festivals since before being gay was spelled with three letters. She welcomes everyone in the acronym of GLBTetc through her fierce politics of inclusion. Read More


Victoria has been coming to Ptown since she started college here in Massachusetts in 1980 and immediately fell in love. For seven summers, she worked here; her favorite job was working at Toys of Eros. Victoria has volunteered at the women’s events and at the Provincetown film festivals for several years now. Her favorite event is Women of Color Weekend. "I am honored to be part of the planning and implementation team."


From Brooklyn to Bombay, Iceland to India Dorothy Randall Gray has enthralled audiences;with her dramatic poetry performances, spellbinding stories, and captivating humor. She has facilitated creative writing, personal development, and empowerment sessions for many different groups, from incarcerated youth to business executives. Read More


Jamila Afrika (formerly DJ msladyj) ventured out of the Sunshine State of Florida in high hopes of pursuing a higher education at one of the Boston area colleges and universities. However, shortly after being accepted she traded her collegiate pursuits for those of a DJ nature. She began regularly DJing in Boston area clubs in the early 2000s and has DJed a number of venues including: Machine, Venu, the Milky Way, Club Café and (the now defunct) Axis and Buzz/Europa. Read More