Women of Color Weekend 2018 in Provincetown, MA (WoCW PTown) is a four-day Pride festival designed to elevate, strengthen, educate and celebrate LGBTQIA ( lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, and asexual) Women of Color, non-binary People of Color, and their Allies. Through a series of events including, but not limited to, workshops, shows, pool parties and dance parties, we ensure that everyone will be able to create memorable moments throughout the course of the weekend!

Our Mission

WoCW is dedicated to being an event where attendees are free to be their full selves, therefore we are devoted to creating a safe space not only with our words but in our action. We hold ourselves, vendors and attendees accountable for their behaviors, and our event policy reflects that.

If you have never attended WoCW then it is certainly an event that you want to get to as soon as possible! And if you have attended in the past or are a regular, then you already know how liberating and empowering the event truly is! In either case, we hope to see next year and cannot wait to continue to make history with YOU!